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How to sew a scarf in one day

Men and women of every age group have a crush on the most attractive designs of scarves. They are willing to choose and buy an excellent scarf in online at the most completive price. Qualified and committed tailors worldwide these days understand this truth and improve their proficiency about how to sew an ideal scarf in one day.  They use a wide range of professional techniques to sew the best in class nature of the scarf within a day. You may wish to know how to sew a simple summer scarf or winter scarf at this time. You have to focus on the scarf-wearing trends at first and start your step to take note of how to sew the best scarf as quickly as possible. 

Things to consider 

Experts in scarf sewing these days recommend the following things to everyone who seeks the easiest way to sew a scarf.

  • High quality materials like loosely woven fabric, gauze, thread to match the fabric and a seam ripper
  • Cutting the fabric as per required size
  • Hem the sides
  • Begin the end fringe 
  • Knot the fringe  

A lightweight fabric 

The fabric selection is the first and important step to start sewing a scarf. You can prefer the fabric with polyster when you have decided to sew a scarf to be used in the winter. However, a fabric with cotton is recommended for all summer apparel. You will get more than expected benefits when you make use of lightweight cotton like batiste. The most excellent selection of the material gives you the complete assistance to fulfil your requirements on sewing a scarf. 

Cut to size

Once you have successfully chosen the fabric after a comprehensive analysis of several things, you have to cut this fabric into a rectangle. The most recommended size of cutting the fabric for sewing an ideal scarf from the fabric of 41” wide is 1.5 yards of the fabric that results in 41” wide by 54” long rectangle. You have to consider and ensure about the size of the scarf before deciding on cutting the fabric. You can feel free to listen to the most special scarves in online and consider the size of each scarf in this collection. You will get an overview about how to cut the fabric to required size for sewing the scarf.

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A rolled hem

You may have a serger and seek how to finish the edges of fabric cut to sizes required for sewing the scarf in one day. You have to use a rolled edge to finish the overall edge of rectangle fabric. Do not forget to focus on the user manual and find settings for this kind of stitching. A coordinating thread colour is vital to serge around four edges of the rectangle of the fabric. You can make use of a seam allowance as maximum as possible to completely cut the selvage off. You have to focus on finished edges of the scarf from top to bottom and decide on how to successfully make a scarf in a day.

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