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How to avoid knots while sewing

Many tailors throughout the globe nowadays have a dedication to enhancing their expertise and experiences in successful tailoring projects. They have decided to use the most excellent resources and recommended techniques for completing every project as per requirements of their customers. They seek how to solve problems while sewing on any machine. For example, they like to be aware of an easy way to avoid knots when they sew. It is the right time to make your sewing proficiency enhanced and fulfill your expectations on a hassle-free way to be a qualified tailor.  The following details on the subject of how to prevent thread tangles while sewing support you and give you confidence to follow suggestions. 

Get rid of twisted and tangled up threads  

In general, thread is made of more than one yarn tightly twisted together. This tends to twist upon itself under tension. If you have planned to avoid this annoying issue hereafter, then you can directly focus on how to untangle loops and knots. There is no need to cut the thread soon after you get the thread knots.  You can use one of the following things to prevent the thread from knots. 

  • Beeswax
  • Thread heaven
  • Special quilting thread
  • Iron the thread 
  • Run the thread between fingers or through dryer sheets 
  • Wrap embroidery skeins around bobbins  


Good yet old beeswax is used to prevent knots while sewing. You can run the thread through beeswax and prevent the formation of knots while sewing. You will be happy to get strong thread as expected. Almost every sewing store sells different packages of beeswax in a circular disk with appropriate notches used to pull the thread through it. You have to pull the entire thread through the beeswax at least twice to coat it before sewing. Do not forget that natural beeswax stain the fabric sometimes. 

Thread Heaven  

Thread Heaven is a gel-like thread conditioner and known by its various benefits. This product is used to prevent knotting and tangling. Every user of this product nowadays reduces fraying and threads drag. They get enough support from this product to protect the threat from both mold and mildew. The non-toxic nature of this product does not stain the fabric.  

Special Quilting thread 

The most successful thread companies throughout the world these days make a special thread for hand quilting. This quilting thread is glazed and designed to pass through the fabric and reduces possibilities of knots while sewing. You can use the machine thread for both machine and hand sewing. However, you cannot use the hand sewing thread in the sewing machine.

Enhance your efforts to avoid knots  

As a tailor with a commitment to improving every aspect of sewing work, you have to be conscious on how to avoid knots of thread at first. You can iron the thread before sewing. You will get more than estimated benefit from this simple yet effective approach.  You will get the best result when you iron the thread while pulling the thread a little.

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